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Monday 9 September 2013

Behind The Boys Behind Bars

Check out this new video giving you a look behind the very raw British prison drama with a difference - Boys Behind Bars. This is one of the latest feature films from filmmaker Jason Impey & starring Wade Radford. It is certainly not for the easily offended and this film is certainly set to shock & disgust its audience when it is released later this year on DVD from WWMM. Release date coming soon.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Tortured Nominated For a TLA Award 2012

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Monday 2 January 2012

Can't Beat Classic VHS

My pile of classic retro VHS's are slowly being transferred to DVD. It is a shame some true classics haven't found there way to DVD yet, Blu Ray is on the increase yet we are still to see classics like 'The Keep' make their DVD debut experience, thank god for classic VHS releases, in some ways you can't beat them!

Sunday 1 January 2012

Naked Nazi Finally Unleashed

Naked Nazi finally uncut is here at last. Available on DVD the end of January 2012, available for pre-order from

This is a unique extended version with footage containing the extremely controversial rape scene featured in Tortured, 100% raw and uncensored, don't miss this bizarre XXX cult classic released by SRS Cinema.

Friday 30 December 2011

Something Out Of An Exploitation Movie

Am shooting a club promotional video, but looking around you would think I was on an exploitation film set! Trash everywhere and not in the good old cheesy fashion, tut tut.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Horror Short

I have been speaking to a filmmaker via facebook and having a look at his work, I have attached it below as it is a nice bit of raw independent cinema:

Thursday 19 May 2011

Sunday 8 May 2011

Latest Releases From Jason Impey

The Turning is to be released on DVD by Maxim Media International under the new title Zombie Lover.
Psychopaths is available for pre order at:

Also check Jason’s entries out for the Virgin Media Shorts competition:

Triangle of Love (a re-edit of The Bridge):

A cut down version of Tape of Horror:

And the original shockumentary short film Haunted:

Friday 15 April 2011

Sex Gore Mutants Article

Check out this interview and review regarding Jason Impey's social zombie drama 'The Turning':

Also Jason is re-editing his short drama film into a new short to be titled 'Triangle Of Love'

Friday 8 April 2011

Killer Stories

Killer Stories on to be released 21st June 2011: