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Thursday 25 March 2010

New Article on Jason Impey

Please check out this new article from Sex Gore Mutants on Jason Impey:

Monday 22 March 2010

End Transmission

This is the short 10 minute version of the 35 minute vampire/zombie flick from me & Kemal Yildirim

Saturday 20 March 2010

Hello & Weclome

Hello and welcome to Exploitation Pictures Blog run by me filmmaker Jason Impey. I am going to be reviewing and discussing lots & lots of exploitation and underground movies (my personal favourite kind of film) and movies in general, and filmmakers out there please feel free to get in contact if you want me to review any DVD screeners you have of features or shorts.
Now I love film with a passion and live for film, and have great enjoyment in making them and especially watching them. I want to write in excitement all about my inspirations and movies that have got me very excited and resulting in me going on about them days on end. I hate reviews and reviewers that always look for the worst in films and are out there to attack and critic everything they can without looking further. I would like to see those people make a film that they certainly give the impression they can do. Filmmaking is hard and I have certainly had my fair share of tough times, and have had to deal with extremely bad people that have driven me to the edge of why do I bother! But common sense shines through and I find that flame in me that makes me tick and drives my passion for grindhouse cinema, and for me to be a part of that is a dream come true.My favourite genre is obviously horror, and my true inspiration and all time favourite films are the video nasties, especially the late 70’s and early 80’s Italian cannibal & zombie films. I am also a huge fan of the underground horror and adore the works of Andreas Schnaas and Jörg Buttgereit.It took me a long time to seriously think about it and compile it, but I managed to create a top 20 list of my greatest top 20 films of all time which is as follows:
1 Cannibal Holocaust2 Nekromantik3 Irreversible4 The Fly (remake)5 Legend6 The Evil Dead7 I Spit On Your Grave8 Hellraiser9 The Exorcist10 Taxi Driver11 Bram Stoker’s Dracula12 Island Of Death13 Gestapo’s Last Orgy14 House On The Edge Of The Park15 Zombie Flesh Eaters16 Big Trouble In Little China17 Wicked City18 Guts Of A Virgin19 Violent Shit20 The Idiots
I will later on this blog write and go into detail what I personally think is so great about each of these titles and just why I have found them so inspirational as a director.

Please check back regularly for my reviews and discussions on the crazy world of Grindhouse Cinema.


Friday 19 March 2010

Doritos Ad

Please check out my Doritos Ad I made


Jason Impey is currently in the earlier stages of pre-production on his new zombie feature.